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Focus On Nurturing Our Elders

Leah D. Wooten

Leah Douglas-Wooten is a spiritual woman, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and a laser focused Entrepreneur. Leah has accrued a long list of highly impressive accomplishments over the past 30+ years, in the Real Estate business. However, Leah has been intentional in how she conducts herself personally and professionally. Believing that the relationships you build along the way is what matters most.
Leah is a native of Little Rock, AR and relocated to Memphis, TN to pursue her educational journey at the University of Memphis where she completed her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Leah decided to make Memphis, TN her homebase, and at the age of 23, she purchased her first home from her grandmother, who had inspired her to begin the path of legacy building. In addition, Leah was her “Nana’s” caretaker, and this embarked her interest to work in the senior healthcare arena. After receiving encouragement from several business owners who immediately recognized her innate ability to mobilize resources and inspire others, she obtained her real estate license in May of 1989. Her real estate career began at Germantown Realty, where she was not only the youngest realtor, but the first African American real estate agent at that location. She later continued her journey at Loyal Featherstone Realtors, RE/MAX Realtors, and The Carter Group where she easily captured the title of top producer of the month, which was then followed by top producer of the year, consecutively.

In November of 2003, after receiving her Brokers license, Leah opened the doors of Progressive Realty Services, LLC (PRS). Thousands of clients have obtained homeownership, and some were even inspired to become real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and appraisers themselves all under her leadership. Additionally, she received the “Woman of Excellence” award in?? and most recently, PRS was crowned as the “Best Real Estate” company by the National Real Estate Broker Association (NAREB).

Presently, PRS manages over 250+ properties for clients and investors, locally and internationally. And, after hearing the “voice of God”, Leah decided to start a new chapter in her life and her brand now encompasses an MBE construction company, Victory Investments LLC. After Leah’s experience with helping an elderly woman, she saw on the local news who needed drastic repairs to her home, Leah being the visionary that she is saw the need to start a non-profit was born Reaching Back, Incorporated was to assist seniors to live and thrive in their homes “comfortably”.
Leah has been an active key role model within her community for years and provides corporate sponsorship to the Memphis NFL annual youth football camp and the summer science program at Explore Learning Services. Both programs encourage the youth in urban areas to strive for excellence in their sports and academics. Leah never gives less than her best, will never stop moving forward, yet she never stops to help others.

Leah believes in generational wealth and is passionate about ensuring her daughter Kaitlin or “Coco” as she is passionately called, understands the importance of entrepreneurship. Kaitlin has followed in her mother’s footsteps and started her own jewelry making business “In-Cahoots” bracelets at the tender age of 14 years of age. Her bracelets have caught the attention of many national celebrities.
In her leisure time Leah enjoys cooking for her close friends and family, and she also has begun pinning a self-autobiography about her legacy. Leah’s favorite quote is “I will believe for you until you can believe for yourself”.

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