Working Together For Our Seniors

Advocating for and Honoring those who paved the way

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We invite you to join the Reaching Back community to help us as we reduce barriers, elude obstacles, and overcome challenges to sustain the elderly of our community as they “age gracefully”.

Join the Reaching Back community

We are excited to announce the launch of our nonprofit organization – Reaching Back, Inc.

This endeavor was planted to take on a mission that is deeply needed within our community… addressing the lack of holistic senior services.

Social Services

We partner with several surrounding social service agencies to provide resources to the elderly and families within the community.

Mental and Medical Health

According to statistics the elderly suffer greatly from mental health and have more medical problems as they age.

Legal Aid

We have found seniors are often times confused as they try to navigate through the legal system regarding legal matters.


We offer senior citizens the ability to “age gracefully” within their homes and their communities, while providing safe and comfortable housing.

Reaching Our Goals.

Through Reaching Back, Inc., with your support, we will partner with social service agencies, mental health and medical professionals, legal aid, and housing contractors to advocate for and honor those who paved the way.

Caring for those that made the way for Us Today

Our Mission

Reaching Back, Inc., is a community-based organization committed to offering wrap-around services to the elderly allowing them to “age gracefully”

Our Vision

We envision a community that will believe in themselves … tools…. legacy building…this will not stop here…

But We need Your Help