Rethink the Largest Room in Your Home.

With a Gorgeous Garage Floor

Durable and Easy Maintain

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Why start and finish your day in a Cluttered garage

Garage floors endures daily abuse. Cars, Trucks, and their leaky fluids destroy garage floors. Causing ugly cracks in the concrete. San Antonio Garage Make Over will solve this problem. With a beautiful and durable San Antonio garage floor that is easy to maintain.

A San Antonio Garage Make Over that will enhance the look and feel of your garage.

Create a functional attractive garage space.

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Recreate Your Garage

Transform that Cluttered Area into a Beautifully Organized Space.

Eliminate Your Costly Storage Unit.

Your garage becomes an organized storage space. Saving you $$$ and the hassle of going to the storage facility.


Are you ready for the best San Antonio epoxy garage floor homeowners can get-installed in just 1 day?  Then welcome to San Antonio Garage Make Overs!  Our hybrid epoxy garage floor system is superior to other epoxy garage floors.  The AMAZING garage floor system (which utilizes industrial epoxy, polyruea, and polyaspartic products) is designed specifically for your garage.

Make no mistake epoxy garage floors are NOT created equal!  We install amazing garage floors – beautiful, durable, floors fast, and guaranteed to perform for years to come, including wear!  We are backed by more than a decade and a half of  epoxy garage floor system technology. You can’t go wrong with an amazing garage floor from San Antonio Garage Make Over.


Revitalize Your San Antonio garage floor.
With a beautiful epoxy coating.

Epoxy is a extremely durable garage floor coating. Your garage floor will maintain an exquisite look for years to come. To best suit your specific taste. We offer a variety of colors for your San Antonio Garage Floor.

Beautiful Garage Floors –

  • Durable garage floor with a beautiful finish
  • A variety of vibrant colors
  • Eliminates the ugly stains and cracks on your San Antonio garage floor
  • Spill resistant.
  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • Durable and Warranted


Most garages are used and abused spaces. Cluttered, ugly with an abundance of wasted space.

San Antonio Garage MakeOver will transform your garage into an efficient organized storage space. Eliminating Your Expensive Storage Unit.

Organized Garage Storage with Shelving and Cabinets –
Get everything off the floor.  San Antonio. San Antonio Garage Make Overs shelving will transform your San Antonio garage into a beautifully organized storage unit. Utilizing shelves, cabinets or slats we will transform that messy garage into a organized space

Get the garage you want to protect and enhance the value of your home. Beautiful and durable garage storage and shelving options that will last you many years, and even decades without any additional maintenance. Let our professional installers complete your garage shelving today!


It’s all in the preparation!

We will take the extra steps to do the job right.

Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation.

Some garage floor companies will prepare your floor by acid wash. Power wash or a sweep and spray. This will not properly prepare you San Antonio garage floor to receive a new coating. The paint will not adhere to the floor. Over a short time the coatings will peel or flake. San Antonio Garage Make Over prepares the floor with a diamond grinding grit. Assuring that the epoxy paint properly adheres to your floor. Giving you a long-lasting garage floor

The Process

  • Garage floor is completely cleared and swept
  • Garage floor cracks are filled and repaired
  • Floor is etched (sanded) with a diamond grinder
  • Garage is vacuumed for dust and debris
  • Epoxy base coat is applied

  • Colored chips are broadcast over the entire floor
  • Done for the day. We allow the base coat and chips to cure overnight
  • Excess chips are brushed from the garage floor
  • Polyurethane clear coat is applied.

Were Done! You now have a beautiful and easy to maintain garage floor.




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